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LETHAL Weapon Complete Season 1 S01 2016-2017 and Movies 1 2 3 4 1987-1998 – 720p Web-DL x264

This set contains the COMPLETE "Lethal Weapon" Pack from the Movies (1, 2, 3, 4) all the way to Season ONE of the TV Series
Size: 16.06 GB
Format of File(s): MP4(s) for Everything.
Length (Duration): 40+ Minutes per Episode (for the TV Series) and 90-120 Minutes (for the Movie Series).

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The INCREDIBLE HULK 1982-2016 Cartoon Series and Cartoon Movies Collection

This PACK contains the COMPLETE "Incredible HULK" Collection from 1982-2016: 3 Cartoon Series, 2 Live-Action Films, and 4 Cartoon Movies!
Size: 27.93 GB
Format of File(s): MP4(s).
Audio Format & Language(s): ENGLISH Audio in AAC and/or AC3, throughout.

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SUPERMAN Cartoons 1941-2008 COMPLETE Fleischer-Famous Studios Shorts – Ruby Spears – The Animated Series – Legion of Super Heroes – 480p-720p x264

This set contains the COMPLETE "Superman" Cartoon SERIES collection from 1941-2008
Size: 32.81 GB
480-720p - Format of File(s): MP4(s) for Everything.
Audio Format & Language(s): ENGLISH Audios in AAC and AC3 Format, Throughout.

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